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Our previous ear-cropping vet has retired, so we are no longer offering ear cropping! We can, however, help you find a local or semi-local vet who can perform an ear crop on your Locus Dane puppy.

Click here to go to our ear cropping page for more information


If a buyer is not able to pick up their puppy in person, Locus Danes offers to transport the puppy via flight nanny for approximately $550. The estimated $550 pays for the flight and the flight nanny service. Some restrictions may apply for Hawaii and Alaska. Overall this is a quicker and safer method of transportation for those who are not able to pick up their puppy in person. If a buyer is on the East coast, or semi-close to Maryland... Ground transport is another option. Prices for ground transport vary so please ask us and we will try to get you an approximate price for ground transport.


At Locus Danes we change foods somewhat periodically so it is hard to say what we are currently feeding our adults and puppies. That being said, we typically feed the brands Victor and Purina Pro Plan. We purchase all of our dog food from or Tractor Supply Company (TSC). Please inquire to find out what we are currently feeding your puppy! Some other brands we may not have tried, but have heard good things about are: Natural Balance, True Acre Foods, SPORTMiX Wholesomes, Diamond Naturals, Fromm, 4Health, and American Journey. ABSOLUTELY NO GRAIN FREE AS THE FDA HAS SINCE PROVEN THAT GRAIN FREE IS LINKED TO CARDIOMYOPATHY AND DCM IN DOGS!!!!!*********


Great Danes are prone to bloat; it is the top killer in the breed. In short, bloat is what happens when the dog’s stomach twists. It does not only occur in Great Danes, but in other deep chested dogs as well. Here are some symptoms of bloat: anxiety, nervousness, restlessness, hunching up, roaching back, not wanting to move, pale or off-color gums, coughing, unproductive gagging, heavy salivating or drooling, foamy mucus around the lips, vomiting foamy mucus, licking the air, seeking a hiding place, looking at their side or other evidence of discomfort in the abdomen, refusal to lie down or sit, unproductive attempts to defecate, whining, pacing, drinking excessively, heavy or rapid panting, shallow breathing, cold mouth membranes, apparent weakness, unable to stand, weak pulse, collapse,standing spread-legged, curled up, crouched position, eating grass or stones or twigs. Here are some causes of bloat: stress, activities that result in gulping air, rapid eating, eating dry foods that contain citric acid as a preservative (risk is worse if food is wet), extruded wet food that swells when wet, eating dry foods that contain fat among the first four ingredients, insufficient Trypsin, drinking too much water before or after eating, eating gas-producing foods (soybean, brewer's yeast, alfalfa), exercise before and especially after eating or drinking, having a deep or wide chest, older dogs, big dogs.


At Locus Danes, we vaccinate all of our puppies for the first time between 6 and 8 weeks of age. Three to five weeks after the first vaccine, the puppies should be vaccinated again. We strongly recommend having a titer test done prior to getting your puppies third vaccine to insure they actually need it (sometimes they don't and vaccinating for the third time is overkill!). We vaccinate all of our puppies and dogs with a five-in-one vaccine that vaccinates against canine distemper, adenovirus type 1 (hepatitis), adenovirus type 2 (respiratory disease), parainfluenza, and parvovirus. All of our puppies come with their health record which includes their vaccine record and deworming record. 


First and foremost, we do not allow visitors for the safety of our puppies and other dogs. Puppies are born with almost no immune system and momma dogs lose most of their immunity while they are caring for their babies. Because of this, momma dogs and their puppies are extremely susceptible to disease and sickness. Sadly, it is very common for puppies to contract viruses, like parvovirus, that kill the whole litter and sometimes even the momma dog and/or other dogs in the household. Unfortunately viruses, like parvovirus, are very common and very easily tracked onto properties with no knowledge of it even being evident. Another reason we do not allow visitors is for the safety of the humans in our household. Fortunately we post TONS of photos and videos and have absolutely no problem face timing potential buyers. If not seeing your puppy in person before purchasing your puppy is an issue, then we are not the breeder for you. 


Locus Danes is always accepting puppy pick reservations for upcoming and planned litters. Reserving a puppy pick basically puts you in a queue for which puppy # you can choose out of a litter. For example, if there is a litter of ten puppies and you have reserved puppy pick #3, you will have eight puppies to choose from. We make puppy picks at 2 weeks of age. During the first two weeks of the puppies' lives, you will be sent videos and/or photos of the puppies.We do not send videos or pictures of puppies before 2 weeks of age UNLESS you have reserved a puppy pick. Once puppy picks are chosen, the remaining puppies in the litter (if there are any) are open to the pubic for reservation. To reserve a puppy pick, we require a nonrefundable (but transferable) deposit of $500, which will go towards the full amount. Please message us if you are interested in reserving a puppy pick for one of our future litters. Click here for more information on our deposits.


Like all breeds, Great Danes are predisposed to certain disorders and health conditions. A lot of these disorders are due to the Great Dane's overall giant size. Here are some of the most common disorders and health conditions: bloat, addisons disease, hypothyroidism, cardiomyopathy, dilated cardiomyopathy, wobblers, panosteitis-pano, hip dysplasia, megaesophagus, osteosarcoma (bone cancer), lymphoma (skin cancer), hypertrophic osteodystrophy (HOD), cataracts, cherry eye, osteochondritis dissecans (OCD), skin problems (allergies, pyoderma, demodectic mange, elbow hygroma, dermatosis, lick granuloma, calcinosis, etc.), ear infections, and more.

We are writing this list as we strongly urge potential families to read up on these disorders and be aware that not all of these conditions are covered under our health guarantee! 


Hip dysplasia, wobblers, megaesophagus, cardiomyopathy (with 6-month proof of dog food purchase), dilated cardiomyopathy (with 6-month proof of dog food purchase), hypothyroidism, and cataracts


Please feel free to download this basic care sheet we wrote up to cover some general information of having a Great Dane puppy. Included is types of food & food levels, spaying/neutering, stomach tacking, bloat, training, crate training, socialization, types of toys, medications that are okay for dogs, and more! (Click the red box to download the document)


Here at Locus Danes we require that a dog be spayed/neutered, at the earliest, at 16 months old. This is to ensure that their hormones are, for the most part, in check and that the dog is, almost, fully grown. Some Danes don't stop growing until 36 months of age, that is why we absolutely require that the earliest you should spay/neuter your Great Dane is at 16 months of age. However, we highly recommend waiting until your Great Dane is at least 24 months old and that your female Dane has had at least one heat cycle. Here are some articles that we suggest reading over: 

Article 1; Article 2; Article 3


Locus Danes has a return contract. This means if you cannot keep your puppy/dog from Locus Danes, it must be NOT BE TAKEN TO A HUMANE SOCIETY, RESCUE, etc., OR REHOMED WITHOUT LOCUS DANES' KNOWLEDGE. If you cannot keep your Locus Dane, you must contact Locus Danes and arrangements will be made. WE WILL HELP FIND NEW HOMES FOR THEM!!! If you do not understand this, then we are not the breeders for you.  

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