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Ear Cropping

If you are interested in ear cropping you may want to know...

  • it IS considered a cosmetic surgery 

  • it DOES prevent ear infections

  • it DOES prevent tears in the ears

  • you DO have to post the ears to teach them how to stand

  • it COULD take months and maybe even years until the ears stand on their own

  • it COULD result in a failed crop (floppy cropped ears)

If buyer would like to have their puppy's ears cropped, we must be notified before they puppy is six weeks old. We will have the buyer sign an ear cropping contract. After the puppy is cropped, we will tend to their ears. As long as the ears are completely healed and no scabs are visible, we will have posted the ears for the first time for the buyer. It is the buyer's responsibility to continue to post the ears so they stand correctly. We do not guarantee a successful crop, the buyer must put in the work to have a successful crop.

Failed Crops

Successful Crops

Some more information...

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