Past Puppies

Click the photos below to be taken to each litter's past puppy photos!

Marble and Edison Pyschic Litter.png
Edison Waffle.png
Marble and Edison.png
Polly & Edi.png
Abby and Edison.png
Liea and Erebus.png
Kitz and Edison Shakespeare.PNG
Waffle and Edison HP Charms.PNG
Liea and Edison Galaxies.PNG
Waffle and Newton History.PNG
Polly and Edison Candle Scents.PNG
Kitz & Newton & Edison Photography.PNG
Leidy and Edison Crystals.PNG
Winifred and Pasteur Pottery.PNG
Liea and Cerebus Hurricanes.PNG
Frida and Edison Cloud.PNG
Polly & Cerberus Art Mediums.PNG
Kitz & Rex Crystals.PNG
Liea & Edison Landmarks.PNG
Winifred & Newton Lakes.PNG
Oolong & Edison.PNG
AfterlightImage 7.JPG