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Locus' Leggo My Eggo

Waffle is a blue fawn merle Great Dane. She loves to always be at her peoples' feet. Waffle is hands down the sweetest Great Dane and will do anything to please her owners; loyal is her middle name. Sometimes she is mistaken for a doe as she loves to jump and frolic in the yard. As Waffle has gotten older she has really become the mom of the pack; always protecting and teaching. She also gets along with everyone--- even our cats and kittens!


Waffle is a very lean and agile dog. She does not drool.

Waffle is now retired.




31 inches


115 lbs

Color Panel

  • blue (d/d)

  • chocolate (B/B)

  • fawn (n/n)

  • masking (n/n)

  • agouti (ay/ay)

  • piebald (n/n)

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