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Work of Art 

Pollock is a lilac merle. So far this girl has the most laid-back personality of all of our danes. She is a true sweet heart. But that isn't all! Polly is also a super smart puppy: after only one week of being home, Polly was completely potty trained. She's kind of a genius. The only downside to Polly is she has grown up with French Bulldog puppies, so if she didn't think she was a small dog before, she does now! 

Polly does not drool.

Polly's Embark results.




31 inches


115 lbs

Color Panel

  • blue (d/d)

  • chocolate (b/b)

  • fawn (n/kb)

  • masking (em/em)

  • agouti (ay/at)

  • piebald (n/n)

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