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Oolong x Darwin Fall '23

Our merle, Oolong, was bred to our black, Darwin. We are expecting amazing colors and temperaments out of these two as well as fantastic structure and lineage! This litter is a repeat breeding AND a line-breeding. The first babies turned out so fantastic we were excited to bring some more beautiful squishes into the world.

Currently one puppy pick has been reserved. We are accepting two more puppy picks at this time.

Please click here to read about our puppy pick reservation policy.

Some colors we're expecting in this litter:

Black, mantle, fawn, fawn mantle, tan point, tan point mantle, merle, merle mantle, merle tan point, fawn merle, fawn merle mantle, merle tan point mantle, harlequin, fawnequin, harlequin tan point, blue, blue mantle, blue fawn, blue fawn mantle, blue tan point, blue tan point mantle, blue merle, blue merle mantle, blue merle tan point, blue fawn merle, blue fawn merle mantle, blue merle tan point mantle, blue harlequin, blue fawnequin, blue harlequin tan point.

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