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Locus' Dream Come True 

Kitz is a chocolate fawnequin. She is an amazing Great Dane. Although she may be shy to those she does not know, Kitz is a total lover; her human mom is her favorite person.

Kitz is a very agile Great Dane and her jumps could make a kangaroo run for their money. She is a very sweet girl, but has given herself the role of the household guard dog. 

Kitz does not drool.

Kitz is now retired.

Kitz' Embark results.




33 inches


130 lbs

Color Panel

  • blue (D/d)

  • chocolate (b/b)

  • fawn (n/n)

  • masking (n/em)

  • agouti (ay/ay)

  • piebald (n/n)

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