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Locus' Newest Inventions 

Edison is a blue Great Dane. He is a big cuddle bug and loves to be babied. Everyone is his friend, but his human mom is his favorite person ever! This boy is full of energy and will make you laugh from his goofiness. A lot of people who come to pick up their new puppies, end up wanting to take Edison home too! He does not have a mean bone in his body and he is a great example of the beloved breed's temperament. When you think of a Great Dane you think of an aloof and gentle giant which is exactly what Edison is.  

Edison does not drool.

Edison is now retired.

Edison's Embark results.





37 inches


150 lbs

Color Panel

  • blue (d/d)

  • chocolate (B/b)

  • fawn (kbr/kb)

  • masking (em/em)

  • agouti (ay/at)

  • piebald (n/n)

  • harlequin (n/n)

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