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Locus' Beautiful Discretion

Abby is a harlequin Great Dane. She was born here at Locus Danes. She is our co-own from our Marble x Nixon May 2017 litter! Abby is currently living with her family in Kentucky and living it up as we speak. She has many brothers and sisters, both four-legged and two-legged. Abby has inherited many good traits from her parents and we are very happy about how she is maturing.

Abby is such a spunky girl.

Abby does not drool.




31 inches


110 lbs

Color Panel

  • blue (D/d)

  • chocolate (B/b)

  • fawn (n/kb)

  • masking (EM/EM)

  • agouti (ay/ay)

  • piebald (n/n)

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